This week I have been...

reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Started this on the beach yesterday and happy with it so far, although it does make me want to run, which is annoying as I have been 

running nowhere. This is not good - I have a 7km race in a month - but I have been injured (for ages) and had a cold (for the last few days - excuses, excuses) so my exercise has largely been limited to

walking on the beach, in the rain, on Christmas Day. Also a 7km pre-Christmas, help-that-race-is-coming-up-what-does-7km-feel-like jog-walk (80/20 in favour of walking...okay, 90/10). And a 6km stroll a couple of days ago as part of post-Christmas, must-do-something-other-than 

crocheting amazing technicolour dream tea cosy for parents. Image

Just added blue pompom as final flourish (it may now be over the top of more than just the teapot). Also completed and posted (to cooler climes) what I think are beautiful ruffled wrist warmers.


I used alpaca yarn (so soft!) and spent far too long deciding what the central strand should look like, mocking up several alternatives before settling on thin red ribbon (easily removable - ribbon isn't everyone's thing but crocheting the string as per the pattern just made them look horrendously cheap). By the way, I have only just started crocheting; the tea cosy and wrist warmers are my second and third projects respectively, following a bag I made last month, inspired by Attic 24.


I have a sneaking suspicion that crochet may yet prove to be the inanimate love of my life; however, in an effort to be a more well-rounded person, I have not limited this blog to crochet (oh, but I fear it may start becoming all too one-sided in time. We'll see. I have given myself several headings with a view to being able to report back on a reasonable number of activities each week, not just pages of crochetcrochetcrochet. Argh, I can feel it happening already).


Any other business:

  • baked a Madeira cake for the first time, just for dessert. It turned out very well, despite not having the right-sized tin (adjusted cooking time by 15 minutes to account for tin being an inch smaller than required), but now eating it for the third day running and it is beginning to lose its appeal. I do love recipes with at least a teaspoonful of vanilla extract, though.
  • ran in and swiftly back out of the ocean yesterday. Really want to be swimmer but ocean looked far too murky to immerse oneself, much less swallow.
  • picked up costume for New Year's Eve.
  • wrote very first blog post.