To think that, immediately after publishing my first post, I panicked about the weekly blogging thing: there surely isn't enough in my life to warrant a post every week? Maybe I need to quickly change it to monthly?

It turns out there is absolutely loads and I now find myself wondering what to leave out in order to keep this a reasonable length (the first two paragraphs, perhaps?).

So, this week I have...

baked like a demon, without really intending to.

First up was a batch of brownies, shared between six. It's always a good idea to share the brownies: despite being incredibly rich and gooey, it actually takes very little effort to plough through several pieces in a day (goodbye, entire tray). 

A couple of days later (or the very next day, whatever) I made flapcake, a weird flapjack/cake hybrid. Flapcake is my name for it and the recipe is somewhat improvised. I failed to take photographs of either of these marvels (sorry) but will endeavour to do better in future.

I did remember to snap the third bake of the week, however: actual flapjack.


Again, I just make this up, using honey rather than golden syrup and throwing in lots of different fruits, nuts and seeds. I also probably vary the time and oven temperature (because I never remember what I did the last time).


I'll post the recipe and method, such as they are, at some point; I wrote down what I did today but just need to see how it turns out when it cools down...

Woman cannot live by baking alone, obviously (well, she can, but she'll soon get dissatisfied with her weight). So, to offset all the baking, I also

enjoyed a jaw-droppingly scenic bike ride (will take camera/phone with me next time - sorry again. Needs to become habit if I want visually-appealing blog. Which I do.)

went on a 5km bush hike! 5km bit: easy. Trail and heat bit: not easy, but a lot of fun

completed a second 7km run/walk yesterday - this is also the activity that inspired the title of this week's post. My GPS watch is a thing of beauty: for a start, it is purple. It is also extremely useful, especially when one needs to train for, say, a 7km race. So I took the watch out with me yesterday and it told me very quickly that it was low on battery. Having an optimistic outlook, I felt sure it would last the duration of my outing (approx one hour, even though total battery life when fully charged is only five hours. I am VERY optimistic).

Run, walk, run, walk, happy Laura, check watch, all good (except that pesky low battery message again).

Approaching my home, I checked watch again - yes, race distance covered successfully! My training is going so well. When I actually run more than I walk, it will be even better.

Lifted hand to save data....and watch died. Now, anyone who monitors their training in a similar way will know that if it isn't recorded, it may as well not have happened. However, as I knew I had covered the distance, I wasn't too bothered. Who needs to know how many calories they have just burned anyway? (Me me me).

I put it on charge straight away and decided to upload the last few runs anyway, just in case. And there it was. The run I had just completed, in its entirety. My clever watch had saved all the data even though I a) hadn't bothered to charge it before going out and b) didn't save the run before it conked out! Wow. I was ridiculously happy (particularly given that I had told myself I didn't care about it not recording my run). Have you noticed how I have changed it from run/walk to run? Makes me feel fitter.

upped the ante with a 9km run(/walk) this morning (way too hot to be exercising really but felt good afterwards). More of the same planned for this week. Yippee!


Any other business:

  • Bought lovely set of tins from amazing bookshop, Berkelouw Books.


  • Made non-seasonal bunting to replace seasonal bunting (eagle-eyed viewers will spot that non-seasonal bunting appears not to have replaced seasonal bunting so much as just joined it. Well, you can't have too much bunting). 


  • Realised that, despite cutting out many of week's happenings, second blog post is still much longer than planned.