Color: Me Badd

This week I have... realised that, just three posts in, I deviated from my 'planned' blogging format (which wasn't actually planned at all, but merely how the first post happened to come out). I just didn't think and it ended up as pretty much a one-topic post, albeit one that was taking up a fair bit of headspace at the time. Didn't seem very honest to pull it and rewrite though, especially for the sake of a bit of deviated formatting, so left as is. Anyway, hopefully my tips for increasing motivation led some readers to consider becoming a runner, or perhaps even to go for a run!

No? Never mind - me neither.

Well, lesson learned on the deviated format front. Good job, as this week I have also been...

reading Kaffe quilts again.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Now, reading isn't strictly accurate. This is a spectacularly colourful and visually stunning book, which I bought for its pictures rather than its words, so all I have really done is wander through its pages, gazing wistfully at the images (and occasionally wondering "Should I start quilting?"). It serves a dual purpose, being both beautiful and useful: it is assisting me with colour inspiration, which I really need at present, as I am...

crocheting dozens of samples to try to determine the pattern and colour scheme of my next project. I have bought a lot of yarn

photo (3)

of late and I'd like to make a blanket (despite already having a disproportionate number of blankets for someone who lives in shorts). My colour coordination and decision-making skills are somewhat lacking, however; here are some of my recent efforts:

photo (6) photo (7) VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200 photo (8)  

The quilt book helped insofar as I learned that other people are capable of putting colours together well; this gives me hope for the future. As I appear to be using an alarming amount of yarn (and potentially project time) to create these dubious offerings, I decided to purchase some coloured pencils and a drawing pad instead, so I can experiment with different combinations whilst leaving balls of yarn intact. Pinterest has also been heavily utilised but, as yet, I am no nearer to a decision. Never mind, life is not all about crochet and my first world problems; there has also been time for...

ferrying around Sydney Harbour.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Always a treat, in the recent heatwave this was even more fun - sea, shade and getting about without exerting any unnecessary effort - wonderful. Carping the diem, I also found myself...

circumnavigating the Opera House - at last!

opera house

Since arriving in Oz last year, I have repeatedly failed to get within touching distance of the OH. This year, three weeks in, I am practically overachieving: visiting iconic landmarks and...

cracking on with this cushion cover, all in the same week.

photo (9)

No pattern - just feeling my way (it hasn't taken long to move from "How do people understand patterns?" to "Wow! I am following a pattern!", then "I think this pattern has an error - I'll do it like this instead" and finally "Patterns? Who needs patterns? I can make it up as I go").

Any other business:

  • just this hanging thing I spontaneously created this morning using a couple of bamboo crochet hooks and a string of felt balls...

photo (4)

I'm off to do some hula hooping now. More on this fabulous activity in due course...(is it okay to end with a cliffhanger?)...