It's shaping up to be a super-busy week (that's why I'm sitting writing my blog, obviously). My exercise regime has gone into overdrive: I am having something of a ballet binge. So you can probably guess that, this week, I have (once again) been... ...learning the difference between arabesque and attitude. I was going to try to include some more ballet terms but I can't remember them; I just make the appropriate movement when instructed.

If you read last week's post, you'll know about my two ballet/Pilates fusion classes last week (Saturday and Wednesday). I did the third on Friday, another yesterday and have more planned for tomorrow, then two days after that, then two days after that.

By the way, my third and fourth classes were hellish - I have no idea why I keep booking more of them.

...succumbing to the charms of my baking equipment - turns out I couldn't abstain for a whole week. I made a batch of gingerbread but didn't have a rolling pin so they ended up as giant soft ginger biscuits and I am in love with them.


I was reasonably generous with the ground ginger (no point just trusting that the recipe includes the correct quantity; always best to err on the side of very gingery). Mmm, what a mistake to include these in the post - obviously I just want another now. I started eating them before 9 o'clock this morning, though, so it cannot be cookie time again until this evening, post-exercise (I have just realised why no amount of ballet classes will ever be enough - I am swimming against the tide).

...eating a deconstructed smoothie. Saw recipe (banana, pear, almond milk) and it sounded like my kind of potion. Then I went to buy these items and thought 'Am I really going to chop and blend this stuff? Why don't I just eat the pear and banana and drink the milk?'.

Each of the ingredients tasted delicious and I avoided having to use a silly blender (read: wash up scary blender parts aka blades).

...continuing my knitting indecision. I found a pattern for a hat, bought some luscious wool, double pointed needles (I was feeling very optimistic) and circular needles (ditto - I had no idea how to use any of these things bar the wool).

I used some of the yarn in my stash to do a practice hat, based on the fact that I am a complete novice (the real wool is rather luxurious and should probably only be bought by people who can actually do something with it. But life is too short to buy inferior yarn).

The learning part was all going quite well-ish, but I started doubting whether I actually wanted the hat (also wondering if it was a near-replica of a hat I already possess). Before I knew it, I was browsing other patterns and, well...


Hello, anklewarmers.


I am knitting with four needles! Goodness knows who first decided that more than two needles were needed for knitting. I have astounded myself by being able to perform this magic trick. Maybe that is why I have gone overboard with the exercise classes this week; having grasped the concept of needle-juggling, I now think I can do anything. (By the way, when I mentioned this week's exercise plan, I didn't cover the half of it - I have six classes and a run to get in before Sunday).

Any other business: 

  • photographed the finished blanket.


I don't even know what I think of it, now - probably not a lot, really (otherwise there would be more pictures), although I enjoyed the challenge and learned about twenty different stitches and techniques. I had originally planned a more elaborate edging; however, once I had done the white (double crochet) and first two rows of pink (v-stitch), I felt that anything more (was going to be picot) would be overkill - it's already pretty busy in the middle!

Once I have completed the second blanket, I think I'll stick to smaller projects for a while - the crazy amounts of yarn involved make me feel guilty. Although I am supporting local businesses, so...

  • read a book called Friendship Bread. Baking is a key theme in this book and I blame it entirely for my moment of gingerbread weakness last night. Thanks, book.
  • listened to a lot more Lorde and keep singing it, both in my head and out loud. I may have to give her up for the rest of Lent.
  • had a spectacular evening run among hundreds of other people and families making the most of 24ºC heat at 5pm in autumn. It quickly became too hot and hilly to run but I stayed out for more than an hour, walking, choosing new routes and generally feeling elated about living in Australia.

Have a wonderful week :)