How Arianna Huffington Changed My Life

Hello. I am in the middle of writing articles at the moment, but I very much want to do this week's blog post now. So, Arianna Huffington - let's do this. Arianna Huffington is the founder of The Huffington Post, a news site which has become so much more and which is extremely useful and entertaining (just trotting off to grab the link for you led to several minutes of reading; it really is a mine of information).

Arianna (should I call her Ms Huffington? 'Arianna' seems rather familiar, 'Ms Huffington' a bit weird and 'Huffington' implies I am her drill sergeant) appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show a couple of weeks ago. I normally avoid turning on the television during daylight hours but I had seen that Arianna was a guest. As The Huffington Post is so phenomenally successful, I thought that I would love to see the person behind it. I was also drawn to the fact that she is a woman; not drawn in a feminist way, but more an old-fashioned, ooh, a woman attaining success and she isn't even wearing an apron, how intriguing way. Ultimately, I wanted to see what kind of a woman she is.

Well, what a woman she is! I nearly got cross with her for doing pre-publicity for her new book as I couldn't go and buy it the same day! She came across as a divine blend of confidence, pragmatism and grace. She seems genuinely keen to help other people to find balance and happiness in their lives and, by the end of the interview, I was smitten.

The crux of her latest book - Thrive - is the measurement and definition of success. Money and power are traditionally the means by which success is measured. But this should be balanced, argues Arianna, with being personally happy and fulfilled. She is, of course, completely correct.

Now, perhaps a woman who already has money and power would say that it's not everything. And perhaps a person who has far more happiness than either money or power would be keen to champion the idea of a third metric of success!

But everything Arianna said made sense. Her words of wisdom were also delivered in a fabulous, measured tone (the Greek accent probably helped here). She has superb comic timing, too: following advice on getting sufficient rest in order to function most effectively, she concluded, "Sleep your way to the top!". I loved it (watch the interview here).

Okay, before I declare April 2 International Arianna Huffington Day, I should add that I haven't yet read the book! But this is the real power of Ms Huffington (I'm giving 'Ms Huffington' a go again): she made me feel uplifted simply by talking about her book and, consequently, her ethos. This elevated mood has remained, the book now sits next to me and it is all I can do not to ditch my real life completely in favour of reading it cover to cover. I want to take it in properly, however, rather than just squeezing in a few pages here and there or - worse - skimming/half-reading just to be reading it.

I'm so excited. I'm also super-confident that I will not be disappointed. But I will - hopefully objectively - review the book upon completion and endeavour to share a greater insight than "buy it". I can't make any promises, however - I am filled with motivation and inspiration and there's no telling in what way this positivity will manifest itself. Hopefully not with a two-word review. But maybe that's all it will require.


NB It probably goes without saying that I have not been paid for this article, have not received a gratuitous copy of Thrive and have no affiliation with Arianna Huffington or The Huffington Post; if you read the part about money and power, this much should be clear!

For those of you wondering what else I have done this week - other than gaze lovingly at my copy of Thrive - there'll be a second, regular post this week. That's how enthusiastic I'm feeling. I'll call it The Huffington Effect.