Guess who I bumped into at the optician's today...

Guess who I bumped into at the optician's today...

I visited the optician to have my new sunglasses lenses changed back. I had chosen polarised lenses following a spiel by the lovely optician lady, who led me to believe that these would be the superior choice. However, lovely optician lady made no mention of the fact that wearing polarised lenses would enable me to see strange, nausea-inducing rainbows when looking through the windows on the bus, ferry and in the car. I would also not be able to read LCD screens. This included entry systems to buildings - very annoying to have to remove one's sunglasses and practically sniff the display in order to read "Go in please". It also included my smartphone and tablet. This horrifying fact emerged only after repeatedly pressing and holding buttons on my iPad, believing it to be dead, until Siri asked "Is there something I can help you with?" She's alive! I thought. Then I peered over the top of my stupid sunglasses to find that the screen had in fact been illuminated the whole time. The polarised lenses had to go: it's one thing not to be able to see properly when driving; it's quite another to be under the impression that one's iPad is defective.

So I went back. The optician (a man this time) said the decision was up to me (thank you), then told me at least four times how good polarised lenses are for fishing. I did have a quick look around, just in case I had inadvertently brought a rod in with me or had a keep net stuck in my hair.

He then showed me a picture of a silver parrot, which turned different colours when viewed through a polarised lens. I failed to think of a way in which this may be useful in real life. 

"It's also good for seeing through water," he added, as though water is not already transparent. I explained that I DID NOT FISH, did not mind about seeing pictures of parrots as silver, already had amazing eyes that could see through water, oh and I DID NOT FISH. Then I repeated my request to have normal tinted lenses put back in.

That was about a month ago and I still haven't heard anything about my new lenses. In the meantime, if you need someone to go fishing with you, or look through water on your behalf, you know where I am.