Joyful and triumphant

It is the first of July. But you already know that. In more exciting news, thirty days of June have passed (you may already have known that, too). In the most exciting news, I have come to the end of my June 20/30 challenge. I don't know if this is an Aussie thing, but I have not heard of it anywhere else ie England.

So, 20/30 (pronounced "twenty thirty"). 30 days (in June), 20 (Xtend Barre/ballet) classes to be completed within those 30 days. 20. 30. Obvious, really.

I decided to go for it.

A chart was drawn on the mirror in the Xtend Barre (ballet) studio and our names were added in a long column, together with twenty further columns to cross off our classes. Thirty names were on the chart.

*Digression to tell you about the chart*

I liked the chart. It was very visible, therefore very accountable, but mainly I liked it because it was drawn with fat pink and turquoise marker pens. Every time I completed a class, I got to use the pink marker pen to make a cross on the chart. I liked using the pen. I'm quite tempted to get one of these bright pink mirror markers and make some charts of my own on the mirrors at home. Not only will this brighten the rooms, but it should negate the requirement to clean the mirrors (perhaps I'll make some charts on the windows, too).

*I have finished digressing. Thank you*

It was extremely exciting marking off the classes and seeing where I was on the leaderboard (I was the only one calling it a leaderboard; others seemed to recognise that it was not a race to twenty).

Yesterday - the last day of June - I went for a final class and had a look at the chart (not the leaderboard - once I was not leading in any way, shape or form, it became a chart). At 10.30am yesterday, with a few classes still to be held that day, thirteen people had completed twenty or more classes! I was one of those thirteen, with 22 classes to my name. Yes, I am very happy. There is apparently some kind of prize draw that we all go into now, but I really don't care about the prizes (unless they're ace). I am so happy, in fact, that I have already booked a huge bunch of July classes - five a week every week!

Oh, you might be wondering if I have seen a difference over the month. Well, I didn't really think about what I looked like when the month began, and I was already seeing a difference anyway, so it's debatable whether maxing out on classes has made that much difference (especially on July 1st - perhaps too soon to see tiny 20" waist. Also, I have eaten a LOT of baked goods this month. And by a lot, I mean every day of June. It was like a personal 30/30 challenge).

During June, I also invested in a new pair of delicious ballet tights, covered in a beautiful hydrangea print, with a flash of neon pink up the sides. I definitely earned these and they look phenomenal. I look phenomenal! I feel phenomenal. Sometimes the classes were ultra-tough (approximately 18 of the 22), but that just made it even better (once they were over, obviously: during the classes it was horrific).

All in all, I would have to recommend this kind of challenge. It was fun chatting to the other competitors re progress. It also made me see that five classes a week is in fact very achievable, rather than something to be feared and avoided at all costs.

Ideally, I'd accompany this post with a picture of me in my new ballet tights, performing a curtsey and looking fabulous. But I don't have such a photo, so just imagine Darcey Bussell, but blonde, with spectacles and marginally larger thighs, and you've pretty much got me right now.

I'll let you know if I win an ace prize.