Parcel to collect

Parcel to collect

I can pick it up after 4.30pm today. It's a small parcel, apparently. And it is addressed to me. I think. It could also be a carelessly-scrawled version of my husband's initial. And he is expecting a parcel. But not a small one. I am not expecting a parcel. At least, I am (and a small one at that) but not via Australia Post, which left the card earlier today.

So I am trying hard not to be too excited. There's every chance it is my husband's initial and I am going to pick up another bike part or camera thing he has ordered. Or it could be his expected parcel, and the postman and I simply have different definitions of the word small.

It could be an item I have ordered for someone else that has come to the billing address in error. Best not to get too excited.

But isn't a parcel exciting? Receiving 'real' things through the post? I love it. Especially when it's something you haven't ordered yourself, but a gift from someone who has been thinking of you, then acted on those thoughts.

An email or other electronic message from friends or family makes me extremely happy. A letter is cause for celebration. A parcel tips me over the edge. I adore and admire thoughtful people. I hope my appreciation is adequately conveyed when others do things for me. They should know the impact their actions have and the difference they make.

Sending a parcel requires effort. Time, expense, thought and effort. It's infinitely easier to fire off a quick email or text. Much less hassle to say "I saw this thing in a shop the other day, you would have loved it LOL".

To make the decision to buy or make an item for another person, however, then package and send it, sends out a different message entirely. Whether the sender knows it or not, whether it is sent with that (or any) intention, a parcel screams "Thought".

I am fortunate enough to have received a number of parcels since moving away from my beautiful family and friends. I have also sent several, with complete joy at the thought of the recipients' reactions. Eek, parcels!

Well, I have whipped myself into an anticipatory frenzy in the space of a few hundred words. This parcel is going to be a bike light for my husband, isn't it?