Part 2: worth waiting for, Nicky

Part 2: worth waiting for, Nicky

Another mega idea of mine: attempt blog update whilst baking at critical stage. Hopefully all will be well. Best case scenario: divine raspberry, coconut and white chocolate loaf plus exquisite blog post. Worst case scenario: burnt stuff and literary nonsense. Whichever happens - and let's face it, it's highly likely to fall somewhere between the two - it will still be Friday afternoon and I'll still have something published and something to eat. Better off than a lot of people, I'll bet.

Okay, so August Appreciation (just heard oven - hang on, better check cake). Nope, still not done yet. It's at that annoying stage where it's so close to being done that you want to just take it out of the oven so that the baking can stop and the eating can begin. But I have standards, and they do not involve taking goods out of the oven when they are not cooked.

Don't let me forget to check it again in a bit, will you.

So, August Appreciation. Where was I? I think I had got dressed and was perhaps at the Post Office. Let's go from there. At this point, the pink envelope is in my bag (go back and read this if the pink envelope feels like a stranger to you). The parcel I am sending is in my bag and the 'Parcel to collect' card is, wait for it, in my bag. Also some ID, but that's not crucial to the telling of this tale. 

Cake check?

Still needs a bit.

Right, so I packed up my outgoing parcel at the little packing station and, whilst I was filling out my Customs declaration, the lovely lady took my collection card and went to track down my incoming parcel. She brought it over and I quickly plonked my purse on the top so that I couldn't see the Customs declaration on it (for the uninitiated, the Customs declaration is a label describing the entire contents of the parcel and it is the biggest spoiler ever! Like anyone is going to mark it 'Meth' or 'Just some illegal stuff' anyway. As it happens, the parcel I received did say 50 grams on it, and it was an addictive substance, but nothing any Customs people need to concern themselves with). 

I sent my UK-bound parcel off - hurrah! - packed the incoming parcel into my bag and headed for home. Eek! Parcel parcel parcel.

Back at home I checked both parcel and card. Card was addressed to both members of the household, so I put that to one side to open when the other half of us arrived home. The parcel, however, was just for me - eeeeek!

Now, regular readers will know that I do like to receive parcels. Also that I am sometimes - this cake is taking forever, the first slice is supposed to be a pre-dinner snack but it will be dinner time before it even cooks and the cake has to make way for the pie soon. First world problems: where's my pre-dinner cake?

Okay, so parcels. I love. I get excited. Parcels sometimes disappoint by being boring items for husband's hobbies or silly documents and things that shouldn't be allowed to call themselves parcels.

But this one. This one! Not only is it a proper present, FOR ME, but it is an excellent present. Moreover, it is in honour of August Appreciation! I am NOT the only person in the world taking part! The number of participants has doubled! At least! 

Oh, you probably want to know what it is. Mmmmm, I love it so much. It is a skein of beautiful variegated merino aka a ball of wool. Wow. I took some photos but they do not do the colours or the thought justice. Might just pop one in anyway in case anyone is wondering what a skein is and why I didn’t just write ‘ball’. 

To say it made my day would be to use a cliché but to speak the absolute truth. And it was wrapped in gold paper. And it came with a lovely card and message. So beautiful. I feel really lucky and am also extremely excited that AA has gone global (parcel was from Hong Kong!).

And the pink envelope? Well, to tip an incredible day off the scale of awesomeness, it was from a lovely relative thanking me for their August Appreciation offering! It made me feel wonderful all over again. I am having the best time with AA! And it's not even over yet! What a superb month so far, however.

Better check the cake.


Well, I was going to leave it there, but you should know that the cake is pretty good. I didn’t give it any time to cool – it definitely wasn’t ready to be cut – and using shredded rather than desiccated coconut has resulted in a messier looking, or more rustic, appearance. It’s all about taste really, though, and I ate it with undignified haste, so a good result all round. And this isn’t literary nonsense, is it?

Here's some wool.

Wool wool wool

Wool wool wool

Wool I never.
Wool I never.
Wool you look at that.
Wool you look at that.