I love you, world

I love you, world

Hello. It's time for August Appreciation: The Results.

I would be a good inventor. No, I am a good inventor. August Appreciation has definitely been an uber-success.

I have had lots of messages from people as they have taken receipt of their AA offerings. I have loved giving out the thanks in person (sometimes it has been hard to approach a person and express gratitude seemingly out of the blue, but really everyone loves it and it shouldn’t be weird so I just brazened it out in those cases). I have enjoyed choosing and making things for people. I might not even wait twelve months to do this again: maybe April Appreciation will be the next one.

Anyway, in summary:

Postcards went zooming round the world to uncles, godmothers, cousins, friends and a special honorary auntie.....

Written messages went to, amongst others: an inspirational Aussie author whose writing workshop I found very useful earlier this year; the owner of my local Xtend Barre for the daily joy that is my ballet class; a mega supporter of my writing, who has given me a lot of confidence with regard to starting my own business; a friend and big supporter of my blog, and a beautiful Sydney couple for helping me to feel at home here.....

Cards went to my gorgeous neighbour (for being a gorgeous neighbour and fantastic company) and my best friend in Australia (for elevating my soul every time I see her and providing continual inspiration and advice on my writing career – she’s so important to me).....

I spoke to two of my favourite Xtend Barre instructors to thank them for their contribution to my new body and texted the Aussie friend who taught me to crochet last year (I say Aussie: she lives in Sydney but is originally from Scarborough, Yorkshire).

There’s still a bit to go, as it happens – a friend I hoped to see but haven’t and other bits and bobs – perhaps there’s no cut-off for AA.

As covered in my previous post, I was also the recipient of an AA offering! That was a very special moment: someone decided to join in with AA! I fully expect it to be massive next year. In the meantime, I think I may have said it once before but it bears repeating: do it! Giving thanks is a perfect example of a win-win situation. Knowing/seeing how happy you have made somebody by being genuinely appreciative of them is an absolute joy. Also, people love to receive stuff through the post (not bills, generally, but proper mail). And gifts. People like unexpected gifts (the expected ones are great too, of course, but you know what I mean). Meet someone for coffee, then surprise them with a little present. It doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, I’d probably suggest not making it an elaborate gift: they might be embarrassed/puzzled/suspicious (note: luxury surprise gifts are fine with me – send me an unexpected Chanel lipstick or Hermes bangle by all means). Just choose something thoughtful: a magazine you think they’d enjoy, a book, bookmark, chocolates, baking, card, magnet, nail polish, bag for life, flowers, whatever. It will make them so happy (hopefully) and you will feel way happier than if you’d bought the item for yourself (very strange, but true).

So, AA has enhanced my own life considerably – a huge and unexpected bonus. In helping others, you invariably help yourself. It has also hopefully highlighted to some of my friends and loved ones how superb they are.

Now I have been invited to my neighbour’s house for a cup of tea (we’re so British), so I had better get ready.

It’s fun writing for the blog – I’ll do it again soon. Oh, if you did any appreciating in August, do plonk something in the comment box. Thank you.