What have you run away from?

Wow. Competitions, hey? I generally steer clear, but I do love winning books. Or at least the idea of winning books. So, when Allen and Unwin – independent Australian book publishers, got to love them – ran a competition to win a proof copy of an as-yet-unreleased book, I wanted to be in on it. How to win: tell us something you have run away from.




Run away from.

Nothing springing to mind.

Doesn’t have to be a situation, doesn’t have to be figurative. Perhaps there’s something scary, or an animal?


Think harder, want to win book!

I have run towards finish lines, so technically away from the start line. That’s really not going to win me a prize today, though.

There has to be SOMETHING.

Then I smiled.

Because I can’t enter the competition. I haven’t been able to think of anything that I have run away from. Anything that I did not face up to. Anything that scares me so much I...oh, crap. I think I ran away from a possum a few months ago, on my way home in the dark.

In my defence, it did look evil.

Shortest blog post ever, possibly, but I’m going to have to go and enter that comp now.

What a great answer, too! The Australian publishers are going to love it! I’ll have to forget the empowering blog post about how I’m so courageous I run away from nothing and should reward myself with a book of my choice, blah blah blah.

I’m going to WIN!