In which I realise I may have a gift

This week I have been...

...helping. Is there a greater feeling?

I met up with a friend of mine. I typed various descriptions of her just then, but she may be indescribable and so the best I can offer right now is ‘a friend’, though the word barely does her justice.

She had been suffering from a strand of writer’s block. But not in the traditional meaning of the phrase: her creativity wasn’t stifled by unknown forces or writers’ melancholy. She was effectively blocked from writing by...another writer.

There’s no need to go into details. I didn’t know she had been word-free for so long, although I had noticed that there hadn’t been any blog entries for a while. She works on many different things, however, so a dearth of words in one space generally means a river is flowing elsewhere. Plus, words come and go, so they do. And whilst I love to be asked what I’m working on when I’m on fire, it’s not so much fun when the answer is ‘Er, um, well, last week I wrote five words and, er, I think I did a poem, but it was rubbish...’ Poor writers. Top tip: if the writer in your life doesn’t appear to be writing, the obvious question isn’t always the best. Try “Would you like a massage?” or “Can I just tell you you’re the greatest person who ever lived?” rather than “Why aren’t you writing?”. It’ll be better for both of you this way: he/she gets a massage and you don’t get your eyes poked out.

But we had a chat. I ended our conversation with the words “Please write something for your blog.”

And, after almost a month of bloglessness, there it was, smiling at me from my news feed yesterday morning. I felt extremely happy for her (and me: happiness spreads quickly round here).

Then, this morning, a heartfelt message of thanks from the beautiful, inspirational, supportive, soulful, unicorny wonder herself (perhaps she’s not indescribable, after all – that is pretty accurate). If I hadn’t been at my Xtend Barre studio at the time of receipt, there’s a good chance I’d have squealed, cried or both. I love being a helpful person! I loved hearing that I helped Ms Unicorn get her ‘omph’ back!

Maybe I can help more people! Send your problems to me! If you don’t mind seeing them on here, perhaps I can help you too, in an agony aunt kind of way.

I won’t help you cover up crimes, because I’m very conscientious and I’ll probably, no, definitely report you to the police instead. Also, family disputes may be out of my remit. In fact, I can probably answer all family dispute ones now: they’ll die someday. So will you. Love each other. Easy for me to say: I love my family. (Not just because they’ll die someday - sorry to any family member reading this who is learning for the first time that they will die someday. To clarify, I haven’t cursed you: it was going to happen anyway.)

I digress. Point is, I helped someone this week. And there may be no greater feeling :)


Pass your problems to me – I will see what I can do to make your life better. You are welcome.