Sponsored blog posts make me sad

Sponsored blog posts make me sad

I have been researching blogs for a freelance article today. I noticed that they nearly all have sponsors/supporters. Wow, I thought: their blogs are so good they have sponsors. Then one blogger commented on the extra money their blog brings in. Wow, I thought: they make money from writing their blog. Then I noticed how many bloggers had received free stuff. Wow, I thought: well, you can probably guess what I thought.

Then I found myself reading post after post (I didn’t get much actual research done) which came over as little more than advertising (or the dreaded advertorial). Mortgages, gyms, cars, incontinence: you name it, these people have been paid and/or given something related for promotional purposes.

All my thoughts about how amazing it would be to have a profitable blog disappeared as I realised that I would have to destroy a little part of my soul in order to accept and essentially sell these things for companies.

It made me grateful nobody sees my blog as worthy of sponsorship: I’d almost certainly accept it with alacrity and find myself inventing problems that my amazing gifted product can miraculously cure. And I’m pretty sure they haven’t invented a soul glue yet.


It occurs to me that I have obviously been reading blogs outside my own demographic. Had these people received leopard print workout tights, a camera, books, gorgeous clothes, a KitchenAid or anything related to stylish workout gear or baking, I would probably have written a completely different post bemoaning my rubbish blog and the fact that it is so rubbish no company ever offers to give me stuff. I’d also probably have called this my last post and shut the whole thing down on account of the fact I do not get sent leopard print tights to blog about. Note to self: do not read anything written by exercise bloggers. Or baking bloggers. Or health bloggers. Just the sedentary, ready meal, junk food blogging brigade for me, then.

This is why envy is one of the seven deadly sins. I am envious of the bloggers I have just invented, with their perfect blogs and awesome supporters and sponsored posts.

I should just do my outstanding research, write the article, get paid and buy myself a pair of leopard print tights.

PPS I have a gorgeous image to go with this post, but my iPad is currently treating me mean and keeping me keen. I have been watching the image loading in between getting ready for bed and making a cup of green tea but to no avail, so I'll do a part 2 to this post when I get my laptop back and include the pretty picture then.

PPPS Out of interest, how do you feel about reading sponsored posts? I always doubt their sincerity, but perhaps that's because I've never read a post that said "Company X gave me Product Y to try and I think it's useless/potentially dangerous/the worst product I've ever been stupid enough to try and I once bought a Slendertone".