Top tip for enthusiastic photographers: get yourself to the market!

For my second week in London, I stayed on the South Bank. This was as good an excuse as any to pop to Borough Market, which is all about food. I took a few shots, checked out the hot food stalls, bought a Boston sausage sandwich, then took a few more pictures.

Borough Market is a riot of colour and life. There were some cool people I wanted to photograph, just going about their business (literally), but I didn't want to snap without permission (as discussed here) and asking them would have killed the life in and around them.

The reason I know this to be true: a few months ago, I was watching a lady in a coffee shop devouring a meringue. She looked a fairly good age and was sitting with what appeared to be the next two generations of her family: daughter and granddaughter.

The lady looked awesome, eating this huge meringue. And the light was flooding through the window behind her, turning her grey hair to glitter. I watched for a while and decided I shouldn't miss the moment. I apologised for interrupting them and asked if I could photograph her eating the meringue. She was happy for me to do so, but then said things like 'What do you want me to do?' and did things like pause with her fork in mid-air. Her daughter and I both said to just carry on eating! She did, but it was self-conscious. I took a picture (on an instant camera), knowing it was not going to be cool. I felt rubbish for disturbing her and the moment had been lost by making her aware of it/me, anyway. Ah, well. Better to have loved and lost; she did look fabulous and at least I have the memory and she enjoyed being asked! I have had worse days.

Back to Borough.

In the end, I took in the whole of the market's magnificence rather than focusing on the traders. There is so much to love about London, but Borough Market is a definite highlight. I also bought some chocolates and was offered bits of free food everywhere (top tip for hungry photographers). Oh, my sausage sandwich was delicious, just in case you were wondering. I am also now dreaming about those chocolates (they were misshapes and an absolute bargain).

Bit worried that today's lunch is going to bore me, now: how could it hope to compete with a sausage sandwich and jumble chocolates?

Again, I have had worse days. Here is Borough Market, unfiltered, uncropped...