Holy accountability, Batman

Question: How good is this week? Answer: It is REALLY good. And it’s only Thursday!

What’s so good about it? All this...

Yesterday, I met with one of my most awesome friends for a chat (and green tea, and banana bread) after our workout at Xtend Barre. This friend is extremely inspiring to me, for many reasons (won’t go into them; you’ll just be jealous that you don’t know her), and it’s always fun to catch up with her.

In addition, I am making superb progress with my debut novel – it’s feeling more and more as though this is exactly what I should be doing! I think I’m good at this! The progress I have made of late can be attributed to my...

...new weekly planner. At the end of last year, I entered a competition run by a fellow blogger, Vanessa of 26 Years and Counting, to win some stuff to help one get more organised in 2015. To win, you had to submit your most creative organisational tip. Creative, organised: how could I not win?

I was very excited to be chosen as one of the most creative entries - thank you, Vanessa! - and my prize arrived just before Christmas – yippee! I won a notebook, post-it notes (lots of them) and the afore-mentioned weekly planner aka The Life Changer.

I put together a provisional weekly plan during the Christmas break, then put the plan into action the first week of January. Holy accountability, Batman. Seems if I write down a task, the probability of my completing said task increases exponentially (whatever that means). If I write down 20 tasks, there is an excellent chance of those 20 tasks being tasked into oblivion. It is so simple I am waiting for it all to fall apart. And, of course, being human, sometimes it has, a little bit. Like the dry cleaning. I was supposed to drop that off on Monday. It hasn’t happened yet, but that’s because I keep forgetting to ask...hold on.

Oh, I’m getting really good at this planning business. I was just going to write that I keep forgetting to ask my significant other which items are to be dry cleaned. But that’s no excuse! I have just written down ‘Ask what is going to dry cleaner’ on my planner! Now, I’ll look at my list tonight, see one item has not been ticked off, and voila. I’ll see the dry cleaner tomorrow :)

So, being organised is marvellous. I plan my novel-writing time, along with housey stuff, meals, food shopping, exercise, admin, blah blah. One thing that has been good is scheduling lunch. It’s important to take lunch seriously. Also boring necessaries such as cleaning the windows. This needs to be a movable feast, as wind speed and outside temperature can seriously disrupt efforts to clean the outside of windows in a high rise. However, when this happened last week (you know, week 1, when you’re full of enthusiasm and determined to Make This New Thing Work), I just switched two tasks around (after checking that it wasn’t going to be even windier the following day. Top tip: dovetail weekly planner with weather forecast for optimum success rates).

I use my new notebook to plan the week’s meals, then write a shopping list and plan two food shopping trips per week. Far more efficient than my previous daily expeditions to Coles.

Now, I wrote this post because this week has been a mixture of highs and lows, but I’m so happy thinking about all my planning that I can’t remember the lows, insofar as I have lows. Oh, one is the stupid renovation work going on in my building. It’s not easy to work from home with a jackhammer going at it from 7.30am. It’s quiet at present (I shouldn’t write that, of course – asking for trouble), so it had gone out of my mind (much as I did when trying to write yesterday).

Well, that’s about it as far as the lows go, I think. Not much to complain about, really. Also, there’s another high: my awesome Xtend instructor said she missed me at class a couple of days ago – she had gone along for exercise rather than to take the class, and she had decided she was going to stand next to me! I would have loved that! She’s an incredible instructor and lots of fun, too – we’d have had a great time! She wasn’t to know that I never go on Tuesdays because the very perky cheerleader instructor leaves me feeling as though I’ve just tried out for her squad (and failed).

Oh, so really it’s all coming up roses here! I’ve scheduled blog posts, too (not that this is a scheduled one – this is an ‘I’m so happy – better share my organisational breakthrough with readers so that they can be organised and amazed by themselves, too’ post). You can therefore expect (please don’t expect with too much expectation) a new post every Monday.

While I remember, I keep changing the blog’s appearance because I think it could be at least ten times more aesthetically pleasing but, when I sit down to tinker with it, I feel more inclined to write my book, so not much tinkering gets done and it doesn’t look much better. Feel free to advise me as to how I could resolve this dilemma (answer: pay someone to do it for me. Response: it doesn’t matter that much to me – I’d rather save my money to be able to pay for a decent editor when my book reaches that stage. I’m a bit book-obsessed at the moment – that’s because my weekly planner says I have to be).

How do I get to a thousand words without requiring even one picture? As much as I love photography and would enjoy a more attractive blogging space, this is definitely a wordy blog. Maybe I shouldn’t care about appearance, but I do want to enhance the visual experience for both reader and writer (I don’t want to look at an ugly site any more than you do). Please share anything that you believe would make my blog a prettier place for you. I’m still mulling over a name change, too.

Oh, the jackhammer has started up again.