Organisational overdrive

If getting your life under control can get out of control, that may be the path I am currently treading...

I told you about my organisational triumph in the form of the weekly planner. I also said I am now meal planning; I know, get me.

My meal planning is planned using a particular notebook and it has been going very well. It’s not broken, but I’m going to fix it anyway.

Free printable meal planners in colourI love the set-up of my weekly planner so much that I now have printed out a dedicated meal planner, too, inflating my culinary intent to A4 size and encouraging it to take over the world/my desk. I am very excited about this.

Bit too excited, in fact.

One way I know I am too excited: I printed seven weeks’ worth out at once, ‘to be prepared’, despite not knowing if I’ll get on with this format (hello, seven week trial). Another reason I know I am too excited:  I printed the first copy in black and white – because it’s only a meal planner – then did a second in colour, just to see if I loved it very much more.

The colour one came out of the printer, made me disproportionately happy, and I promptly clicked print again, frantically stabbing the + button to make more (and more) colour copies.

Low ink! came the warning. Pah, I scoffed, my meal planners are WORTH IT! Print, print, print.

Now I have a pile of planners and it is going to take all my willpower to use that prosaic black and white one rather than wasting it.

Whilst I remember: I should give thanks and namecheck the source of my meal planner. It’s on Green Child Magazine and can be printed out for free (I came across it on Pinterest). As previously mentioned, I’ll be trialling it (for approximately seven weeks) and will let you know if a) it’s the business or b) I decide to try a different one.

I think this one will work for me – it has a small space to list meal names, a lined bit for my shopping list and, crucially, a notes section (so that I don't have to write any additional info in the 'wrong' place). By the way, when I’ve made my list of ingredients, I photograph the page using my phone so that I have it when I go shopping, without having to carry a bulky notebook (and, more importantly, without running the risk of losing my amazing meal plan).

Meal planning! It’s so exciting. Do you want to know this week’s?

I just do Monday to Friday, as we’re wild at weekends.

Detail from free printable meal planner in colourMonday – spinach and ricotta cannelloni (made enough for two nights)

Tuesday – leftovers (as I’m out every other Tuesday evening, I try to make double portions on the Monday for convenience the following night)

Wednesday – egg curry (never made this before – another benefit of the meal planner!)

Thursday – Moroccan lamb with Israeli couscous

Friday – I suspect we’ll be out for dinner on Friday, so it’s currently blank. The start of the weekend, the start of the wildness!

Let me know if you have a meal planner, if you have a better one than mine that I should check out, or if you have any more meal planning tips I need to be considering!

P.S. I’m so happy thinking about my meal planning that I just drank cold tea.