Okay, I hope you're ready for this. It starts so innocently.

IMG_0067Hello :) I am currently in the market for a new tea! Apparently I have been drinking a different tea for weeks without noticing, but still, time for a change. A bit about me and tea

When I lived in England, I had a cupboard full of teas. Twinings Earl Grey, Twinings Rose Garden, Twinings Lavender Earl Grey, Clipper Fairtrade Green, Bettys Rare Green Tea with Rose etc etc. Probably nine or ten different teas.

About two years ago, I emigrated. Destination: Australia. One of the rules is that bringing plant-derived products (or something along those lines) into Australia is prohibited. In other words, you can’t bring your tea cupboard with you, Sheila.

No worries, said I. I gave it all to my mum – I think she liked the tins best – flew to the other side of the world and decided this was an opportunity to find some ‘Australian’ tea. Bonzer!

So, I did some research, discovered T2 and ran amok in their adorable shops, sniffing, tasting and choosing new teas. For almost two years. Then came the tea-swapping incident!

To give you an idea of how much money I was obviously ‘wasting’ on tea, my T2 English Breakfast is $28 for 60 bags ($32 to get them in a tin the first time, then refills $4 cheaper). Yorkshire Tea is about $5 for 100 bags.  I have at least two cups a day, currently one green and at least one black (this varies depending on time of day, mood and available complementary snacks).

tea, cup, saucer, teapot, wooden table, close upSo my black tea supply was running low and my significant other decided to simply substitute his tea – Yorkshire Tea – for my fancy bags. And I didn’t notice. In my weak defence, I love that he makes tea for me, so think it unwise to grumble about quality/taste. In fairness to him, only once of late did I think my tea tasted weird. Just once.

So I have been looking for a more affordable alternative. Because I’m a bit of a snob really and don’t want to drink ‘normal’ tea. On holiday in London I had Clipper’s Fairtrade organic black tea – a revelation, but I haven’t found that here and I don’t want to be a whinging expat who insists on family sending her ‘proper’ food  or who hunts for imports. I love this country and it’s particularly brilliant at food and drink, so I tend to avoid the ‘British’ section of the supermarket and do not request food parcels from ‘home’.

So anyway, guess what?! Regular readers will love this! A new Sydney-based tea company has asked me if I’d like to try its tea! And I replied in the affirmative! *Soul-selling siren swiftly smothered with tea cosy*

They had read the blog, in particular a post regarding my fondness for dried leaves steeped in boiling water. The rest is future.

Look out for an honest opinion of some tea in an upcoming post! If no such post is forthcoming, you can probably guess how much I enjoyed it ;)