It happened in January

I haven't done a round-up post in a while, so I thought I'd fill you in on what January looked like here. In the hair department, I have been switching from blonde to red. Warning: if you think this sounds like a good is. Do it. But not for a laugh, or for a week, because whilst blonde to red is peasy, red to blonde is not. So take it seriously or take your hand off the hairdresser's speed dial. Oh, and it's not easy to keep, either, so be prepared for maintenance.

In the craft department, I completed a (crocheted) baby blanket for the biggest baby in the world ever. I didn't know she was going to be the world's biggest baby (more than 12lbs!) when I made the world's smallest blanket for her.IMG_1540IMG_1544


Happily, the parents are delighted with both size and general gesture: I received the most beautiful, heartfelt and sincere thanks from them, which really moved me. Never underestimate the power of thanks and compliments!

I also finally completed a (knitted) scarf.


For those interested, this is a technique known as entrelac. The scarf is folded in half here and the yarn is Noro Silk Garden (45% silk, 45% kid mohair and 10% lambswool). I started this at the beginning of May last year; you can probably imagine my delight at finishing it after eight months.

Then there was another (crocheted) baby blanket, this one for a baby born to Parisian parents, naturellement.


They were also delighted with their gift, but will have to wait a little longer for it to be a lot of use as they live in Sydney and consequently are sweltering along with everyone else. Still a cute thing to have, though, and it does get cold in winter! Ish.

I got all excited about the first baby blanket (so proud of it) and decided to start another one, but this time with learning a skill in mind more than anything else. So I am mosaic knitting at the moment, which just means knitting with two colours and slipping the stitches of the colour not in use, as far as I can make out. I began the main one, then decided to do a swatch (most would do a swatch first, in the same wool and with the same needles that they plan to make the main project, but I'm a maverick). mosaic knitting blog post Feb 2015 003Here's my swatch - it's supposed to be two dogs, but you knew that, of course.

It came out all right, so I'll be persevering with what will be a lengthy project for me. I can't really say why I did my swatch in different yarn and a different size - it's the definition of pointless. Fingers crossed that the actual blanket looks incredible at the end (and washes well *looks doubtful*). It has certainly started promisingly enough.

mosaic knitting blog post Feb 2015 001

It is roughly five times as wide as the bit shown, but is curling due to the stitches used, hence my fingers holding down a portion of it so you can see what's going on. Non-knitters, you'll have to trust me that the knitters will appreciate the close-up, fingers and all (we like to try to figure stuff out from pictures).

In the reading department, Pride and Prejudice is coming along nicely, although I'm not as enthralled as I hoped to be. Perhaps I'm not getting enough quality time with it (I should have a planner).

In the blogging department, I have updated the About Me page to include lots more About Me. It seemed appropriate. If you're curious enough to pop over there, please will you drop me a line to let me know what you think? You can use the links in this paragraph or the one at the top of the page. Even better if you remember/know what it was like before and can tell me if it's an improvement or a hideous error of judgement.

That was January. Thank you, enjoy the rest of the week!