Won't you take me to Kettle Town?

Tea stuff, round 2!

I'm testing new teas at the moment! I shared my expert opinion of Kettle Town's Mintilla last week; now it's the turn of the iced oolong, Perfect Peach.

Laura doesn't like iced tea (she also occasionally refers to herself in the third person)

Never been a fan - too artificially sweet and flavoured. In what could have been a miscalculated move, however, I requested this as one of my samples from Kettle Town. It's no huge issue: who wants to spend the rest of their life shunning an entire species of tea anyway? Why not offer the leaves another chance to impress?

It starts very well with the opening of the pack: how special does this look?

January 2015 079

Beautiful. This is what tea should look like: big, colourful and interesting, not ground-to-oblivion leaves and bits of nothing.

Iced tea also means I get to use this pretty bottle.

January 2015 080

As per the pack instructions, I also 'prepared' a tray of ice cubes.

The following day

The mixture was a little darker and the bit of tea and fruit a little larger.

Iced tea and glass of ice cubes

I added four ice cubes to a squat glass and poured away, using a strainer to catch the bits.

iced tea blog post 004

*tastes tea with open mind*

Considered verdict: revelatory! Refreshing, more floral than fruity to me (I prefer flowers to fruit anyway, in both tea and life) and lacking the added sugar of, say, Lipton and other (inferior) iced teas.

Cautious of being a sycophantic reviewer (and because I'm a lovely neighbour), I made up a second bottle and dropped it round next door. My lovely neighbour's verdict matched mine: this stuff has salvaged the reputation of iced tea for at least two tea connoisseurs.

I drank the whole bottle (one litre) in one day and will definitely make this again (and again). I drink tea on even the hottest of days, so a chilled alternative is a bit of a dream, particularly as I have been repeatedly disturbed by iced tea tastings in the past (generally a cup of cold wet sugar).

Perfect Peach oolong tea? Highly recommended. Even the overnight steeping is enjoyable; although you wouldn't normally appreciate such a lengthy wait for a cup (or glass) of tea, it is a lovely process and great to wake up to! It also makes me feel like some kind of Earth Mother - a bizarre joy.

I'm so happy with the Kettle Town teas so far! I can see an order being placed very soon :)

But there's still one tea to go! Summer Rose, you're up next.

PS I have discovered that writing about tea is possibly one of my favourite things.