An unwanted fan

An unwanted fan

Hello readers, bonus blog post alert. Today I have a little anecdote for you. I don't yet know the ending, but it started when someone's oven stopped working properly...

My oven (electric, fan-forced) has begun taking more than half an hour to pre-heat.

Pre-problems, it would take around ten minutes (I think. Never timed it, of course - who cares?). Now, the whole kitchen heats up very quickly, and the oven very slowly. Not great at any time, but in the height of Sydney summer? Hmm.

I called our agent to get it sorted. That is a very annoying story in itself - better not go there as it really wound me up (okay, nutshell: the repair company was making and breaking appointments with a random person as they had been given the wrong phone number by agent. Agent comes back to me telling me I have been obstructive in arranging appointment when I have actually not heard anything from anyone. Moving on).

The repair man came this morning. My appointment slot was 10am-12pm. By 11.27, he had not appeared and I have Things To Do. Of course, the best way to get things moving in such cases is to begin doing something else. I decided an early lunch was the best tactic; sure enough, one bite into my second sandwich and the bell rang. Perfect.

I answered the door with my mouth full, the man was very nice, said it could be an element that had gone and got to work. I left him to it and, a few minutes later, all was sorted. 'Happy cooking!' 'Thank you! Bye!' All very jolly.

I continued with my work (I had finished the sandwich whilst hanging out the washing - lunchtime had been interrupted anyway). Then heard a sound that very closely resembled my oven's fan coming on.

Had he left the oven on? Surely not. But the ventilation comes on a few minutes after switching the oven on. No, he can't have done.

I wandered through to the kitchen.

Oven, off.

Fan, on.

It was a little disturbing, so obviously I made a cup of tea. The sound of the kettle drowned out the sound of the oven momentarily and all was well. Momentarily. Kettle boiled, tea was poured, yet the fan noise continued. Continues, in fact, for I CAN STILL HEAR IT NOW. Everything is switched off, the man left quite a while ago and my fan oven is still merrily fanning away.

Is the solution to my oven taking a long time to heat up that we leave the oven on forever, even when it is off?

How long do I leave it before calling them again? How do I know they'll call me back (for they never answer), not another (or the same) random person? Must I have a second lunch to ensure the repair man comes back on time?

You know all I'm going to do is make another cup of tea.