From inspired to inspirational, and not a Pinterest pin in sight

Inspiration, as a word and concept, is bandied around constantly nowadays (she says, sounding about ninety. Sorry, ninety year olds). Instagram, Pinterest and other image-sharing sites are often described as sources of inspiration, but what is the probable result of all this looking at pictures of other people's beautiful lives? Does it make us leap up and artfully arrange some flowers for our own home or paint a wall pink? Does seeing a great body online mean we put down the iPhone and go for a run? Do we read a quote about achieving our dreams and immediately make the calls and take the action that will lead to our dreams becoming reality?

Unlikely. The probable result is that we just carry on scrolling through pictures of other people's lives, reading what other people have done (if we can be bothered with reading) and wishing we were that pretty/thin/motivated/successful.


Today's post is about bona fide inspiration. I know it's real, because I was there! More to the point, I know it's real because I AM that inspiration! Seriously! How awesome is that?

So, I planned to do a top ten of marvellous Canberra this morning, because Canberra rocks and I've barely told you anything about it so far. But then this morning happened. And I thought it would be more fun to tell you about that.

In my lovely life, Monday mornings begin with Xtend Barre, where I demi-plié and heel lift my way through an hour of music and pain. Today's class was a killer, in the best possible way. I was on a complete high from about ten minutes in until the end and beyond. Sweat everywhere, shaking legs, huge grin.

After class, a girl chatted to me about the workout and told me it was her second class. She asked how long I had been going; I said one year (got my anniversary email yesterday congratulating me, as it happens!).

Wow, said the new girl.

Wow indeed.

I told her how often I attend and the benefits I've felt so far. As part of my full disclosure policy, I added that I was nowhere near as thin as I would hope to be by now, but this was balanced by all the positive changes I have noticed.

'That's it,' said the girl. 'I'm going to keep coming - you've inspired me.'


We spoke a bit longer, but I can't remember the rest of the conversation as I was too excited by the revelation that I could inspire, er, anybody to do, er, anything.

I did a semi-graceful balletish leap for her as I left the studio (a clever way to celebrate the I-word without hugging her and scaring her off). An hour later, I'm still doing little victory-fists at my laptop.

Pretty good for a Monday morning! Have an inspirational week, everyone :) x

PS If you want to be inspired by my beautiful, inspirational life, I'm on Instagram @athousandtimestooshort. I post inspirational images of inspiring things such as wellington boots and cake.