The worst words and phrases in the world...ever!

Today's post was going to be about networking, but I hate the term networking. Then I realised it's not the only word/phrase that makes me shudder internally. Here are the ones that should not exist.

1. Fur baby 

You know you do not have a baby covered in fur. That thing there's a cat.

2. Food baby

You over-ate. It's not cute.

3. Anything baby that is not a baby (car, business, house, book)

That's just stuff. Possessions, creations, ideas. 'It's my baby!'


4. Food coma

Comas are serious. Stuffing yourself until you don't want to move? That's different (and potentially serious, but the food coma people don't see it that way). You wouldn't trivialise cancer or a degenerative condition in the same way (hey, I've got cake MND!) - why is it okay to have a funny, self-induced coma?

5. (Cheeky) vino

Calling wine vino is irritating. Referring to a cheeky vino just compounds the idiocy. This may be the worst of the lot.

6. Sorry not sorry

Shut up.

7. Yummo/yumcious

Used by adults, this comes across as very weird indeed - can your food not be described any more eloquently than this? A six-year-old with a lolly could get away with yummo. Not grown-ups.

8. Nom (nom) (nom)

It hurt me just to write that. Hey, nearly all these skin-crawling phrases relate to food and drink - perhaps I just wish people wouldn't bang on about what they're eating so much. A sign of too many social media pictures of meals and the accompanying asinine captions and comments.

9. Thermomix

Argh, stop it stop it stop it. I don't care if a Thermomix changed your life: it's a stupid name.

Any words and phrases that you wish you never had to hear (or see) again? And nobody's allowed to say moist! Moist is fine! Call my cake moist - do not call it yumcious. Unless you're six, in which case I'll cuddle and thank you (and give you extra cake).