Because the hardest part of running is lacing up your shoes

What a wonderful day! In celebration of my signing up for the 2015 City2Surf this week, here are my favourite running mantras/mottos/motivational quotes. Call them what you will; it definitely doesn't matter.

If you'd gone running the first moment you thought about it you'd have been back by now!

As with many things in life, the time spent locked in internal debate conjuring up excuses is almost always longer than the time required to complete the task. What a species.

It doesn't matter what happens between the start line and the finish line; all that matters is that you cross both.

Caveat: don't kill yourself trying to do the second - the first is far more important.

You either ran today or you didn't.

Saying I nearly went for a run is stupid. I didn't run.

Remember those who cannot run.

This is one of my favourites; apparently guilt motivates me most, although I repackage it as gratitude.

Glad I did, sorry I didn't.

I never, ever think, "I wish I hadn't gone for a run."

This is cheaper than the bus.

Don't think about this one too much: obviously you can get a lot of bus rides for the price of a pair of trainers. You're speculating to accumulate here.

6 minutes or 16 minutes per mile, it's still faster than sitting on the sofa.

You are never too slow to run. Never! I am a slow runner - when I see the pace on my watch go to 4:45min/km, I feel on top of the world and secure in the knowledge that I won't sustain this pace for more than a few seconds. It's just fun while it lasts.

Don't quit. You're already in pain; get a reward from it.

This is a good one to use when you've made it out the door and into a run but partway through want to go home and eat stuff instead. I adopt this philosophy in my Xtend class, too: it hurts so much, but I'm already here and it only lasts an hour - make as well make an awesome pair of legs whilst I'm here!

You need to run to get a runner's body.

This one is true. I tried reading Runner's World instead, but it is nowhere near as effective as actually running.

I run to eat!

Highly motivational. If you've ever eyed up your running friend as they're scoffing platefuls more than you and wondered if they're bulimic, there's an excellent chance they just run off the crap, get ravenous and start eating again. It's a delicious circle.

The sooner you run, the sooner you're done.

Rhyming mantras are always fun (and easy to remember on the run).

Fast girls have good times!

No comment.

You can be happy or you can be miserable. Either way, the distance is the same.

If you see a woman running and she suddenly starts smiling and you panic, wondering if you are supposed to recognise her or if she's weird, relax: it's probably me recalling this saying and fixing a smile to remind myself I'm happy to be running.

You are a runner because you run, not because you run fast or you run long.

You do still have to run to classify yourself as a runner, though. I mean it: the magazines don't work by themselves :(

Train for a lifetime of running, not just a single race.

I hope this helps some people; personally I don't even train for races.

Every run is a gift.

Sometimes it seems like a crappy gift. One you'd rather leave in its box or take back to the shop. But do a little run and you'll be hunting out your notepaper to write a thank-you letter afterwards.

The only run you regret is the one you don't do.

Just a bit more guilt-related "motivation" for you there.

And possibly my favourite of all the favourites, because it's thought-provoking and reminds me to be grateful (as well as to get out there and do it):

There will be a day when I cannot run.

Today is not that day.

*sighs* Better go for a run now. Stupid favourite quote.