Return of the Grat

Well. Where to start. With a brief acknowledgement, perhaps, that I haven’t blogged in a while. I have had a one-track mind for some months and that track has not passed through Blogtown. However, here we are now. And I didn’t plan to be back today, but sometimes stuff just happens. In today’s case, I was about to go for a shower before getting down to the business of my manuscript. If I haven’t mentioned it before, or you’re new to athousandtimestooshort, or both, I am writing a novel. And today felt like an excellent day to crack on with it. This is mainly because I am feeling poor and one of my friends mentioned yesterday that if I wrote my novel I’d be rich. I am seeing that as a potential compliment rather than a fail-safe business plan.

Anyway, just before my anticipated shower, I decided to have a peek at the blog stats. Just procrastinating, I think, as people are surely not still going to be reading after months of inactivity on my part.

But today’s stats showed a distinct spike. Then I looked at yesterday’s: same thing, only more so! Interesting.

So I had a scroll down to see what was being read. And saw a blog post title I didn’t recognise. It said, ‘I love you, world’. I thought this was peculiar; I do love the world, by and large, but it’s a pretty pitiful title (glances up and realises this post is provisionally titled ‘Everything happens for a reason’ – I’ll ditch that).

The dodgy, vomit-inducing title nevertheless piqued my curiosity and I clicked to see just what I had been blathering about that day.


That thing I did last year!

August Appreciation! aka Gratitude a Go-Go!

And, hang on, I waxed lyrical about a) how awesome it felt and b) how much I was looking forward to repeating the experience the following year!

Hang on again. Today is August. So was yesterday. And even a couple of days before that. We are four days into August Appreciation 2015. And I have done nothing. I may have made a plan last year for this year, but I don’t know where that might be or what it may have entailed. Hmm.

The easiest response would be to sweep AA2015 beneath the proverbial carpet. After all, I haven’t blogged for months – why begin with a challenge in which I am already four days behind and severely under-prepared?  And why start typing fervently the day after I paint my nails for the first time in weeks? These babies are going to be ruined by the end of the day.

And what about my novel? I have money to write!

Well, what about it all?

The thing is, after I read my post re the effects of August Appreciation, I clicked on a related post, which was me all excited about the concept of August Appreciation and the things I would do. And it ended up being phenomenal. Laziness/apathy would be the only reasons for glossing over August Appreciation this year. Neither reason is acceptable to me. So, with 90% of the month still to go, AA2015 is happening. And I WILL keep you posted. I will also get onto the novel – AA is not an elaborate procrastination device. It is NOT.

Oh, there’s a good chance you won’t remember/know of August Appreciation. Here are the links to the AA2014 posts – very uplifting and motivating!

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So that’s what’s happening again this month. As of now. If you fancy joining in, the links will give you lots of ideas as to what I actually ended up doing. And, if you have any ideas for me this year, please comment – I’d love to hear what people would enjoy hearing/receiving the most.

Thanks for reading – I’ll be in touch :) xx