The most wonderful day of the year

Hurrah! There are so many stupid days of acknowledgement – National Chip Day springs to mind – but here is a subject genuinely deserving of its own day, if not a week or more. Pile of booksNational Bookshop Day!

Disclaimer: I live in the Dark Ages. I care not for e-books and rarely purchase titles from internet retailers. I am all about bookshops and paper books therefore this post may be unashamedly biased and possibly over the top.

Anyway, this is just a short one to remind/inform you that tomorrow is National Bookshop Day and you should definitely get involved, even if you normally wouldn’t bother with such old-fashioned notions as bookshops.

Close-up of bookI’m not going to write a load of nonsense about the decline of the print industry, the therapeutic nature of reading or the inability of today’s society to entertain itself without moving pictures and spoonfeeding. If you don’t love books, I’m unlikely to be able to persuade you here; if you do, I’m preaching to the converted.

However, I will say that National Bookshop Day is as good a day as any to pop along to a real bookshop and have a poke around. On the plus side, there could be free books, special offers and competitions instore. On the downside, it might be full of people after free books. But anything that highlights the mere existence of bookshops has to be a good thing, and I’d rather you went there on Saturday and got swept along with the mob than didn’t bother at all.

BooksIf you don’t know where the bookshops around you are, just Google it. You might be surprised how close the nearest one is. I am spoiled for choice in Sydney:  we have dozens of bookshops and there’s value in all of them – even the big ones!

Go and play in a bookshop this weekend! Even if you hate books, buy one for someone you like. Then one for yourself, because books are ace. Even if you think you hate them, you probably just haven’t met the right one yet x