Little X Factor update

Well, my blog post subject of a few weeks back is not doing so badly on the old television! Since reporting on her first audition, or rather her emotional response to her first audition, I have been keeping a weather eye on young Nat and she’s still very much in the X Factor! Top eight or something :) How exciting.

This week saw her wearing skintight red leather atop a grand piano, avec wind machine. Nat had to perform one of the worst power ballads of all time – Heart’s Alone – but actually pulled it off magnificently. Oh, I should add that she stood on top of the piano in mega stilettos – I don’t know how she managed to keep her balance and remember the words at the same time but it was tremendous. Whatever happens, I know (she told me; I’m not just assuming!) that she is having the time of her life and really appreciates the opportunity and experience, so thank you to everyone who is voting for her. Go Natalie!

In other X Factor news, without being a total traitor, anyone who didn’t see Jess and Matt’s astounding performance of Do You Remember should jump over here and have a listen – and look. If you can take your eyes off them, I’ll be surprised. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen – and I live in Sydney.

Okay, because I do feel like a slight traitor, here are the details to vote for Nat next week, should you feel so inclined. (That Jess and Matt performance is truly spellbinding, however, so don’t forget to watch that, too – this is for your benefit, not mine. I promise it’s that good.)

SMS ‘NATALIE’ to 191 777 – it costs about 50c (don’t know if I have to include stuff like that – didn’t plan to include voting details at all but it really has assuaged my Jess and Matt guilt. PS Have you checked out that video yet?).