I don't even know what to call this post - "How lovely to be back"?

I don't even know what to call this post - "How lovely to be back"?

Yippee! And hello.

Life has been magnificent and verging on overwhelming the last few months, but I am still alive and wonderfully happy.

I feel ready to/capable of writing again, so here comes what may be a jumble of letters scattered across a page whilst I get used to tapping keys once more.

Every now and then thoughts about a blog post have popped into my head. Unfortunately there hasn’t been the opportunity even to jot down the thoughts to come back to later, so who knows what gems have swanned in and out of my mind whilst I have been AWOL. I have a swanky new iPhone now, however, and think I will use this one for more than simply texts and calls (really, that’s all I currently do with it – I don’t even use Facebook on my phone! I should have a Nokia 3310 or something).

Anyway, I can make voice notes and the like with this fancy thing, so I’ll have a go at doing that and hopefully it won’t be another six months before the next post comes along.

In the meantime, here are the few thoughts I can remember:

  • Smartphone addiction: I don’t think people are addicted to their smartphones and here is my alternative hypothesis re why people appear addicted. I was on the bus last week and became increasingly puzzled by how many people were on their phones. I live in Sydney – the most beautiful city on Earth – and this is no ordinary bus route. Everywhere is stunning. It was a gorgeous day. Everybody in my part of the world is good-looking and doing something. The clothing is eclectic. The dogs are designer. There really is so much to look at and take in, so why were my fellow travellers oblivious to this? (It has been AGES since I have written: I just paused on ‘oblivious’ to make sure I got the letters in the correct order). I wonder if it wasn’t so much that they didn’t care about what was going on around them, as it was wanting to look popular, wanting to seem busy/engaged in activity, or wanting a reason to avoid eye contact with the rest of the world. It was the same yesterday morning, when I took an early walk along the beach. The beach. With the ocean. And the sunrise. And a huge swim squad. And dragon boats. And al fresco PT sessions. Plus a few more designer dogs with their designer owners. My senses went into overdrive as others had theirs watered down by their smartphones. Some sat on benches – benches facing the ocean and sunrise, eyes facing the ground – whilst others wandered along with earphones in, holding up their phones and having a conversation. Part of me thought, ‘I have no idea about their lives’ – maybe they are making a phone call whilst enjoying the day rather than missing the day because they’re making a phone call? – but I’d have declined or not made the call and just absorbed life as it was happening (but then I frequently ignore my phone because I’m doing something better). Plus, whenever I hear these conversations – or one end of them – it’s invariably a load of stilted rubbish, supporting my theory that people are just ringing others to look popular and have something to do. Just be, people! Just be. I could write about this for a while - and the related issue of photographing/filming every bloody thing - but I am loath to rant on my first day back. Moving swiftly on...
  • The Bachelor. UK and US versions have been on Australian TV of late, but I haven’t had time to check in with either of them. Except I did see that the UK version had as its Bachelor...Gavin Henson! Who, you say? He’s a Welsh rugby player best known for being Charlotte Church’s ex-husband. Who, you say? Oh, come on, you remember Charlotte Church. Little girl, opera-singer turned popstar at some stage, then married that Gavin Henson and had children with him, then it went wrong for them – I don’t know the details but Google/the Daily Mail probably knows all about it. Anyway... ...When did The Bachelor start having celebrity bachelors? I could hardly believe this when I saw it in the TV schedule and had to switch it on. Yes, it was that Gavin Henson, being The Bachelor. Women had applied to be his girlfriend. He had agreed to this process. It is too weird (concept of Bachelor already being extremely weird). By the way, Australian television tends to show very old British TV shows – oh dear, I just Googled him to find out what year this was originally broadcast and got sucked into the Daily Mail (it was 2011, I think?!? Never actually found out, just had to close the site to prevent loss of brain cells). Well, that’s The Bachelor, anyway. I would have loved to cover this series via the blog, but a) no time and b) happened five years ago, possibly.
  • House move! I am on the move. This is going to be the biggest move I have ever undertaken. Believe it or not, moving from the UK to Australia wasn’t as much of an upheaval as one might imagine, primarily because a moving company packed for us – huge luxury – and secondly because we travelled with not much more than clothes, leaving our furniture in the UK. When we shifted homes last year, we still didn’t have much furniture, only what we’d bought in preparation for moving to an unfurnished place ie not much. Now we have a houseful of furniture and I am chief packer. It is very exciting, however, and I can hardly wait to move, so it might be a topic worth covering in a future blog post, to let you know how it goes/went and potentially share some revelatory moving tips (probably with the benefit of hindsight – I doubt I’ll actually discover any tricks before I need to employ them). Look out for a “How not to move” post in the coming weeks.

Well, there’s a thousand words already. How lovely to be back.