What is ace about Canberra. This is not a question: I am going to tell you.

I love Canberra. I don't know why I have never told you about my favourite Canberra bits, because there are lots of them and together they make a compelling case for visiting our capital city, despite it not being Sydney or Melbourne. Here are ten of my favourite things about Canberra, because things like this are often done in groups of ten:

  1. The buses' unusual but very appealing internal layout, with a useful AV display showing stuff about your journey rather than adverts, plus the awesome MyWay travel cards (you can go into the minus with these babies).
  2. The mega-helpful bus driver who provided me with stop information, directions AND the bus routes home again!
  3. The buses again. Canberra has bike racks on the fronts of its buses. This is forward-thinking and then some.
  4. The food: I ate at Italian & Sons, La Rosasomething, Mr & Mrs Jones and Loading Zone. All gastronomic pleasuredomes.
  5. Parliament House. On top of all the other wonderful things about it (see previous gushings), you can send postcards stamped with a Parliament House postmark. See also the tapestry that looks like a painting, the story behind the ceremonial mace and, oh yes, AN ORIGINAL MAGNA CARTA.
  6. The wideness. Canberra feels so spacious.
  7. The cleanliness. Canberra feels so clean.
  8. The people. I had dozens of conversations with strangers, who happily chatted away, provided me with info, wished me well on my trip and much, much more. So many friendly, protracted encounters with shopkeepers and coffee shop owners, too - the sales and potential sales appeared less than an afterthought here.
  9. The landscape. Mesmerising and contrasting - the myriad buildings lean back comfortably against a backdrop of mountains and trees and the effect is awe-inspiring.
  10. The propellor plane rides to get there and back! What a view! All the way! More than made up for feeling we may drop out of the sky at any moment (thanks in part to my very excellent view of said propellor. Yikes)!

I love Canberra.

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