Alexandria, Sydney, 2016

Ever have one of those days when you take a load of excellent photographs and somebody suggests you share them with the world via your marvellous blog?  It's ages since I last did a phlog. But we went for a drive yesterday. As the bridge (that's The Bridge ie Sydney Harbour Bridge ie The Bridge ie the bridge) came to greet us, I scrabbled around for my camera but couldn't find it.

Mr Athousandtimestooshort said to use my instant camera instead.

I said it would be all blurry.

He said just do it!

I just did it!

It was a bit blurry.

The correct camera materialised as soon as the bridge was safely out of sight (amazing what excitement does for you, and the bridge does excite me very much). So no bridge shots, bar a (blurred) instant shot that's still in the car.

Anyway, as I was saying, I found the camera. And used it to take a series of pictures as we travelled through the city of happiness to our destination, Alexandria. All were shot on the move and through a window, but we (camera and I) coped admirably with the conditions and the resulting images are none the worse for it - I'd go so far as to say they are all the better for lacking deliberation, hesitation or any form of staging. Photography on the fly - I'll be doing this again!

By the way, in case you have an idea of Sydney in your head, these pictures probably won't be it. They do however showcase a beautiful city, in sensational light, at one of the best times of the day (although every time is the best time in Sydney).

Ah, enough rambling: didn't I say this was a phlog? Let there be pictures!

PS As always, life is too short to #filter: all shots are as I took them and as I saw them. One photo has been cropped to remove a surfeit of dashboard; it's the one with a guy walking across a very busy junction looking at his phone. So there you go. Hashtag full disclosure.