Name change for the blog

I think this needs to happen.  Do you know why I went with A Thousand Times Too Short?

I decided to start a blog - I think I discussed this in a previous post (which I'll link to if I did and I can find it) - and didn't want to be delayed by waiting until I had the perfect name. But I didn't want a totally rubbish name, either, and I didn't want the name to be pigeonholing or limiting, and I didn't want it to be like anybody else's. Really, there's a ridiculous amount to think about when it comes to name-choosing - it's a wonder babies ever get christened.

Anyway, eventually I chose part of a quote, by Friedrich Nietzsche  (god, I sound like a wanker). But the quote is a good one!

"Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?"

It is! Moreover, it reflected my vague plan for the blog's content, which was an overview of all the things going on in my life. I like lots and lots of things, and rarely bore myself.

So, a bit of Nietzsche it was, and still is.

But god it's a long blog title. And people ask me about my blog, and what it's called, and how are they ever supposed to remember that? They'll probably look up A Thousand Splendid Suns or something. Or nothing at all. People are being deprived of hours of entertainment because I chose a dorky blog name.

But what's the alternative? Well, recently I have been mulling over Mulberry Rd as the alternative. After a lot of pondering, I fear this may plunge me into the pool of boring blogs along with a billion others, and I wouldn't like to be mixed up with them (blog snob alert!). On the flip side, I may have just thought about it too much and bored myself with the name by saying it so many times in my head.

So, perhaps you can help me: what IS the alternative? Is Mulberry Rd superb or stupid? Do you have a better name for me (please say you do! I would love help on this!)? Do you have any ideas or ANYTHING AT ALL to offer me in the way of inspiration or support? I really do think the name needs to go. I also think my blog has changed a lot since its inception: it's no longer a round-up of all I have been doing. Posts are generally one topic now, or trains of thought, or photography shoots, or hard to categorise nonsense. How do I adequately convey what the potential reader may expect to find once they pull back the duvet?

Beautiful readers, Wordpress is a monumental ball-ache to get involved with; the comments process too much effort for too little reward. I understand. Feel free to use my Facebook page or Twitter thing to suggest better titles and/or give feedback. Or email me at if your suggestion is truly incredible and you don't want anyone else to steal it from social media before I have chance to rebrand.

With thanks in advance,