Random October musings
  1. First musing: how is it October today? I just checked the date to see if the web page I had opened had reloaded successfully (do not ask about my ropey internet connection) and it says 1/10/2016. I am inclined to think this is impossible. In barely related news, this does mean it is my birthday this month. You still have time.
  2. I have failed - already! - in my Bachelorette attempts. One week in! Rubbish. Still, if my week's lowlight is failing to watch television, I can't be doing so badly at life.
  3. I have an irrational superglue issue. I'm fairly sure it's irrational. I will put off supergluing things for YEARS. Today I finally tackled the teapot lid: it was broken two moves ago. Not two months ago: two HOUSE MOVES. I worry that the superglue will end up everywhere, with the whole house joined together for eternity by stray bits of superglue. My fingers will obviously be casualties, attached to the table, whose finish I have ruined by spilling superglue. Stuck to both my fingers and the table will be the kitchen roll, which I used as a tablecloth. Add the soap I used to try and remove the glue, some olive oil, the tap and probably the superglue lid. (Of course, should supergluing go successfully, I will undoubtedly superglue the lid to the tube after use, rendering it useless for the next superglue job in five years' time. This is a good enough reason for not starting the job at all.) I am so happy that I finally glued the teapot - and a lampshade! - that I don't even want to check the results. I'll just leave the teapot lid in situ until we move again. 
  4. I really wish myGov would email me its message directly. It doesn't seem logical to email me to tell me I have a message in another inbox, especially an inbox I use once a year and therefore never remember the login credentials for. As I now know it is October, I guess that the message says something along the lines of 'Fill in your tax return. Don't you remember doing this on your birthday last year in an attempt to avoid a fine? Come on, tick tock' etc. The ideal scenario would be to stop writing this post and start my tax return. 
  5. I really should do that. 
  6. It's only the 1st: bags of time. 
  7. I have started sorting my laundry out by the labels. This is a first for me. I read an article that said if you do that, your clothes will last longer and look better. Also, I bought some knickers from Bonds (I initially typed 'new knickers', but who buys old ones?) and didn't follow the washing instructions as I thought they sounded OTT. Now I have lost the fluoro patterns, foil and rainbow effects on some of them (the flashier pairs), and the remaining - normal - pairs certainly look the worse for wear. So I sort my laundry these days, and will be buying more (new) pants very soon, because pants should never look the worse for wear. 
  8. I need to stop buying large bags of m&ms to accompany my blog post writing. This way obesity - plus a filthy keyboard - lies (total rubbish about them not melting in your hand, however quickly I manage the transition from bag to hand to mouth). Recent research, however, has revealed that mega m&ms are the greatest, and crispy mint m&ms a surprisingly cool and refreshing treat. Please gobble responsibly. 
  9. When I am rich, I shall buy a new laptop. I love my laptop so much - it was a present from my dad six years ago - but the UK keyboard coupled with updated AU software means I now have to play a guessing game with the symbols! The pound sign is in fact the hash key, the @ symbol actually a quotation mark. It does make things lively, but also time-consuming, and I don't have enough free time to be able to play 'pairs' every time I write. The thought of putting stickers or Tippex over the keys appals me. Please do not suggest it.