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Get out

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Get out

You are not going to believe this. I debated whether or not to share this one with you, because it has probably never happened to you before and you may be jealous of my incredible good fortune, BUT... local gym happened to have a very limited time offer on at exactly the time I went to see about potentially joining! How about that?

I feel so lucky. This offer is only available today and tomorrow – to think, I could have missed out so easily. As it is, I have tonight to consider whether or not I want to sign up for the deal of the century.

There’s a minor issue. I am only planning to go for one specific class. So I asked for a guest pass to try out the class before I commit (instructors are hugely important to me: the wrong one and I just won’t go!). But I’m not planning to do my first class until the weekend.

‘Ah,’ said Madison, ‘then you’ll miss out on the offer.’

‘Because it’s only available today and tomorrow?’


No worries. I think I should do the class first.

‘But there’s a 14 day cooling off period after you sign up. So, you could do that, and try the classes, then you wouldn’t have to pay anything if you changed your mind within the two weeks. Except the joining fee.’

Ah yes, the joining fee. I was mulling over this arbitrary figure earlier today. I thought it might be justified, although I can’t remember why now. However, this joining fee is ludicrous. Madison explains:

‘It’s a joining fee. It’s like, a joining fee. But if change your mind in two months, or two years, you don’t have to pay it again. That’s it. It’s join.’

Hmm. I think I understand. Thank you.


I will not be joining the gym today or tomorrow. I don’t care about getting X number of weeks free, or a reduced joining fee (I do care about being rushed into making a decision!). I’ll do the class on Saturday and see how I feel about it. The place doesn’t really feel welcoming, or even well maintained! It’s not like all my previous gyms. (Although it’s not how I’d categorise myself, I joined a gym wherever I lived in the UK and went very frequently – I’ve just realised I may be a gym bunny! It’s only since emigrating that I’ve switched to specialised places: yoga, Pilates and barre studios. They have all been beautiful, too. This place is not beautiful: it just does the classes I loved so much in the UK. Hmm. Is it enough? I’m not as fussy as I used to be – maybe I could live with the second-rate appearance of the place.)

Anyway, lucky me, getting this special deal, hey?