Reasons to be cheerful

It's a super-happy post of immense positivity today. 

Don't hate me, but I bought a kind of gratitude journal this afternoon. (I know, I hate myself a little bit now that I've described it thus.) It's actually a diary for next year, but it's called a journal and it has a lovely cloth cover and I plan to use it for recording Things that Have Happened rather than Reminders of Things that Are Going to Happen. And the things I record will be positive, so it's kind of like a...

Well, on the plus side, this one has no inspirational quotes - I checked carefully - and no women in unlikely yoga poses. It's actually a beauty. 

So, that doesn't start until 2017 - plenty of time for me to write it off as a hideous idea. In the meantime, I inhaled rather a lot of jasmine this afternoon and it made me think about the considerable amount of loveliness in my life as it stands at the moment (and, frankly, most of the time. It's a fabulous life). 

1.    The jasmine. Oh, the jasmine. It's everywhere and I think I might be high on it right now. I enjoy opening the balcony door just to let the smell hit me.

2.    The husband. He took me shopping for my birthday. We got jeans (three pairs) and t-shirts (two: white and the most beautiful blue) for my birthday. They are extremely nice. I said, 'They cost a lot - that can be my birthday and Christmas presents combined, thank you'. He replied, 'You said that about your last handbag'. Hmm. (I don't remember that conversation, so it can hardly count.)

3.    The weather. 28°C outside at present. I'm writing this in the car and just had to roll down the windows even more. This let in more jasmine. So many benefits to this heat.

4.    The neighbors (they're American, see?). I love having friendly neighbours who just knock on your door to say hello. I drop baking round to them now and then and it's always such a pleasure to do so. It feels like a proper community round our way!

5.    The bamboo. What's left of it, anyway. I was thinking - just this week! - how much I love the giant bamboo boundary we have around our shared garden. Then, this morning, some bozo gardener working on behalf of next door began chopping it down! The head of our body corporate shot outside and halted the carnage, but it was too late for a large part of it, plus the gardener proceeded to remove 50% of the remaining bamboo, leaving a thin veil of privacy, ostensibly so that next door could have more light. Our garden (servicing several units) was so cosy; now it's so exposed. I'm a little unhappy about this, but with more light comes more noise: I'm sure the sounds of babies crying, dogs yapping and children playing football will have next door willing the bamboo to regrow forthwith. Selfish next door. (I still love you, bamboo.)

6.    The home. It continues to be both a blessing and a sanctuary. I still fully intend to blog about my abode in due course - in fact, I started to do so some time ago - but there's a lot to say and it will be a while longer before I take the photos and finish the words. I know this.

7.    The family. They're ace. Especially my mum. One of her sisters passed away recently. I called Mum last night and she said that people were remarking - at the funeral - how sad it was, because it was ‘the wrong order’. My mum is the eldest... She did wonder if she should apologise for still being around, upsetting the order. Good woman that she is, she didn't take offence, though. And I'm so glad she upsets the order.

8.    In case I didn't mention it, the jasmine's lovely at present.

Until next time x