‘Twas the blog post before Christmas

‘Twas the blog post before Christmas
‘Twas the week before Christmas

When all through the house,

Laura was hunting

For anything she could eat.
— Anon

Is it because mood is only one letter different from food that emotions so often get entangled in edibles?

Why, for instance, has this week been a rocky road week?

I made two batches of rocky road this week, the second coming mere hours after polishing off the final tiny piece of the first (as an, er, after-breakfast snack. Well, it is almost Christmas sort of).

Would anyone deem this level of rockiness necessary or appropriate, particularly given the amount of baking that took place the weekend before?

I made flapjack. I made brownies. I made an Ottoman sponge. I made a raspberry and coconut loaf. Guests added pies and more brownies.

A lot of baking was baked, to the extent that I actually ended up throwing some of it away several days later (am I getting old? Is that why I couldn’t finish off a pile of baking within the allotted ‘few days’ that it generally keeps? What has happened to me? It was just the flapjack – the rest went, served up with ice cream in some cases, tea in others, straight from tin to mouth in more than a few happenings).

Anyway, the fact remains that there was a lot of baking, a lot of eating, a bit of throwing away, and now, again, more sweetness on the menu/in the fridge. Oh, it’s also more than 30°C outside: why am I making stuff that melts even as you’re breaking off an unsuitably-sized chunk?

Because I felt it was needed. Needed, no less. Let’s have more rocky road. Something about my mood this week has made me feel as though rocky road could do something to fix it. That’s the part I don’t understand. When did I become a person who links mood with food? I’m a step – a bite – away from bingeing and wafting away unfavourable remarks with the justification that ‘It’s Christmas’. Next I’ll be eating rocky road for breakfast: ‘It’s Christmas!’

Maybe this is where ‘Eat, drink and be merry’ originated. Complete them in order and the first two grant you the latter. And that’s why people put on weight during the festive season: trial and error as they attempt to uncover just which foods will do the merry trick.

On the subject of Christmas, my darling laptop is ageing faster than I am; I can no longer write a blog post without the poor thing requiring a hook-up to life support aka a power supply. I’ll just have to plug the merry thing in: be right back.

Rogue that I am, I see a new laptop, rather than a new battery, as the only means of recourse. If anyone is foregoing sending cards this year with the intention of buying gifts for the needy instead, look no further for a willing recipient. Because not everyone wants your well-meaning charity, you know. Best stick to those happy to acknowledge their needy status. Like my laptop: it is on the verge of retirement, but cannot be put out to pasture because, frankly, its owner uses it for nothing more worthy and frequent than blog posts and really cannot justify the outlay required for a new MacBook. I did tell myself I’d earn the dollars for a new one; however, as I am currently working fewer hours than Santa, I can afford only an actual apple (if I was writing this on a shiny new MacBook, it would have automatically capitalised that, shameless self-promoters that They are).  

I digress. For reasons unknown, I am trying to repair my emotional status with a mound of sugar and fat. And I do not like it. But it hasn’t been the easiest of weeks, I suppose. Perhaps some weeks are a piece of cake; others, two batches of rocky road. And, after all, it IS Christmas.

Eat, drink and be as merry as you are able, darling readers. Also, thank you. This has been a spectacular year. I love my new blog, Mulberry Rd. It has a fraction of the readers of the old one, for various reasons, but that hardly matters, when the ones I have are you.

Merry Christmas xx