Hello, Mulberry Rd

I did it.

You’re now reading Mulberry Rd, the artist formerly known as a thousand times too short. Hopefully you don’t feel too rug-pulled; I assure you it’s for the best. 

For a start, I already feel awesome about it. Completely the right move. I have also purchased the divine domain name,mulberryrd.com. All mine, to be shared with you shortly. Shortly would be even sooner if I stopped writing this blog post and finished the new site (New site! So exciting). But I am so so excited that I decided to let you know about the excitement. Also, you may have tuned in for your regular athousandtimestooshort fix and be wondering what’s going on. So it’s a bit of a put-you-in-the-picture post, too.

You deserve to know, after all.

So, if it all looks a bit different, brilliant! If it all looks a lot different, congratulations to me: I have launched my new site.

I’ll post another update when I hit the red button. Which should really be a green button, because we are nothing if not going right now.

Much love,


PS Do you like the new name? It’s okay if you don’t, but I’ll obviously be slightly happier to hear from you if you do…