I've had a request

I have been asked if I am going to cover The Bachelorette (Australia) this year.

Now, I loved doing this last year, but didn't watch a single episode of The Bachelor this year (I think this finished last week?). 

In fact, television has gone out the window in 2016 - I didn't even watch the Olympics! 

But I'm rather touched that someone liked my Bachelorette posts enough to ask if they can make a comeback! 

I heard on the radio today that the new series starts tomorrow night. Which doesn't give me long to decide whether or not the new posts are going to happen. 

Blame that self-help book I keep banging on about, but there could be another 'yes' moment coming on...

...watch this space! 

PS For the uninitiated, here are some of my Bachelorette thoughts from the Sam Frost series :)

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