Sugar and sugar and all things sugar

That's what little bloggers are made of.

I don’t really faff around with new year’s resolutions. I do sometimes decide stuff and start it straight away, though. This blog post might be about that.

About a week ago, I was thinking about how I’m often quite tired. Decided to rectify this – or have a go at same – with a three-pronged approach.


How to get more energy: my fail-safe plan that definitely did not just come off the top of my head when I decided being tired wasn’t much fun


1.       Eat better

2.       Sleep more

3.       Exercise regularly.


Now, anyone who has ever read a business strategy book, or worked for a certain type of corporation, or followed a self-help page on Facebook, will know that these are stupid goals that I can never hope to meet. Why? Because they are not SMART, of course!

Now, what does SMART stand for again? Something like specific, measurable, achievable, ritten down and time-thing.

In other words, my goals are too vague and open to misinterpretation, abuse and wilful neglect.

So I quickly made better goals, without going overboard on the SMART thing:

1.       Stop eating sugar

2.       Go to bed at 10pm

3.       Exercise every day.

Just as quickly as I made these goals, I realised they were too stringent aka Doomed To Fail.

Next up, Goals 3.0:

1.       Reduce sugar consumption to alternate days

2.       Have minimum 30 mins to self at end of day, then bed – don’t stay up messing around on internet

3.       Go for walk in the evenings when feeling up for it.


One week later...


Bed at a reasonable time is happening, with the extremely notable exception of NYE.

Walking in the evenings is happening, albeit with a mild fear of being eaten alive by the local wildlife.

Sugar on alternate days IS happening, but is not without its challenges. I am a sugar FIEND. Even when I don’t want the stuff, it haunts and taunts me.

Of course, I began the non-sugar rule the day after making the rules (as I’d already eaten a small person’s bodyweight in sugar that day – and had some baking to hoover up).

Today is the third non-sugar day, and I decided to write this blog post to give my fingers something to do: not only are they itching for sugar, but I read a recipe book at breakfast. This is not good!

The first two non-sugar days went well; in the evening – my usual fail-point – I opted for a bowl of wholegrain cereal rather than cake and ice cream, as my beau had. Ridiculous to formulate any kind of sugar-reduction regime after baking a raspberry, coconut and white chocolate cake, but I can’t plan my harebrained schemes: they just come to me.

So, here I am making myself accountable by writing about my intentions. This almost never works, but at least a good half hour has passed and sugar has entered nothing more than my mind.

It is still morning, though. Maybe I’ll write another blog post.