Profanity in print and some potentially good news

Profanity in print and some potentially good news

Happily – VERY happily – perusing the Summer Reading Guide from Berkelouw Books this evening. Smiled to Mr Mulberry: ‘I want all these books – they all sound great!’

Mr M: ‘Of course they do – they want you to buy them.’

What a cynical viewpoint.

But it amused me (and I did make the comment in an attempt to provoke him to say just that).

Anyway, I like Berkelouw Books.

Or I did until ten minutes ago.

On the penultimate page of said reading guide, beneath the heading, ‘More Great Gifts’, was a picture of a book about the apostrophe. It’s called F***ing Apostrophes. Except, instead of the asterisks, both the publisher – in the title – and Berkelouw – in their review and accompanying illustration – used letters of the alphabet. The right letters, in the right order.

Now, am I mega old-fashioned, prudish or just sad for finding this unpleasant?

I don’t think the f-word should be written out in brochures that anyone can pick up. It has its place in novels where any word could be expected to crop up – I wouldn’t censor an author in that way and you choose to read a book – but a reading guide?

I also didn’t like seeing it – repeatedly – in a recent Cosmopolitan, but that’s probably my fault for reading Cosmo. Can’t imagine today’s young, er, ladies, turning a hair at coming across profanities in an article about travel. (Can’t imagine them understanding the phrase ‘turning a hair’ either, but that is definitely by the by.)

Anyway – and this probably is just me – not only did I put down the guide (gone off it now), but I like the idea of the books less now, too! I had at least $200 mentally spent! But if their judgement is so far off (my own) with regard to the use of that word, I can conclude only that their opinions of the books may be out of sync with my own, too.

Oh, and because I just remembered it (because my laptop’s fan is making an almighty racket), and because there’s no reason to end on a low note, guess what? This is exciting.

There may be a MacBook in my future! After mentioning it a couple of posts back, Mr Mulberry made noises that sounded vaguely like ‘new MacBook’. He had obviously read the blog! Top marks for reading, Mr M. Except that when I asked the seemingly-rhetorical question...!

Me: Have you really?

Him: No!

No?! Well, had to give him credit for that one: I could hardly ask why he hadn’t lost himself in my latest gem after hearing the magic word (MacBook)!

And it wasn’t intended as a hint to him (really no good dropping hints via my blog, anyway, if the above conversation is anything to go by!).

So yippee. In a slightly wacky move, I want the gold one. It is an extremely good-looking machine. Which is a ludicrous reason to want anything and I know I shouldn’t be motivated by looks but there you go.

My darling Sony Vaio laptop has quietened considerably now; perhaps it knows I am talking about it. And/or that it’s coming off second-best to a younger, thinner model. Oh, now I feel guilty.

Looks as though we are ending on a f***ing low note, after all.

Oh, no we’re not: I just lifted my arm and found some chocolate stuck to it, which reminded me that I’m probably going to update you on the latest rocky road recipe tweaks and I think I’ll call the post ‘It’s only rocky road but I like it’.