Oh, not again

What is going on? Don't I have approximately/exactly four readers?

Yet the offers keep coming as though it's a real blog! Readers, do you want a discount on a new watch?

I had a think about this one for quite a while, as I don't know if I want my blog to become one of those places. Anyway, eventually decided to say yes (blame that bloody book I keep going on about for making me a 'just do it' person).

I don’t feel like making up a story about watches, or time, or that time I needed a watch, so let's just cut to the chase: an Aussie watch company got in touch and offered a discount to you four. 

I always wear a watch. I have two. You will already know about one of my watches if you’ve read the exceptional post, White Accessories Look Great with a Tan.

I don’t know if watches are much of a thing anymore, thanks to mobile phones, but I love mine and keep looking out for extra ones – I probably don’t have enough to do.

Anyway, after Valor made contact, I checked them out to make sure their stuff doesn’t look crap, and it doesn’t. It’s also not megabucks – when I had a poke around, everything was less than AUD$150. That’s fine for a watch, isn’t it? I think my Baby G cost about $180. Obviously it will be even less with this discount.

Other good stuff about it (I did actually do all this research, by the way; the company didn’t give me bumf to say. Don’t want rubbish on my site!):

  • Based in Sydney – always a plus
  • No wording on the watch face (not even brand name or logo! It’s so clean!)
  • Unisex (or that’s how they all seemed to me, unless I am particularly mannish)
  • They have a rose gold watch.

**Update: I got a message from them to say they donate $5 from every watch to a local animal shelter!**

So, here’s the website: Valor Watch

Here’s the code: MULBERRYRDBLOG (copy and paste it; it's easy to miss an R)

Here’s the discount: 20% (plus free international shipping - any country)

I think I should tell you that Valor said if three people use the code, Laura gets a free watch. Now, I don’t know how to feel about that. But I reasoned that, if you like the look of their watches, you’ll get one cheaper by using the code. If you don’t, you won’t buy one simply to furnish me with a free gift! I like my Baby G anyway, plus the Valor range is so reasonable I’m pretty sure I could cough up the cash myself if my current watches both fall into a canyon.

In the interests of full disclosure, I have not seen the watches in real life. I just generally trust people in Sydney and I looked at a lot of pictures and articles (because I obviously don't trust people that much).

So there you go. If you’re in the market for a new watch, try the Valor website – they’re all pretty classic and they all tell the time.

I hope that was short.

Until next time (no pun intended) x