If you dislike knitting, you can probably give this one a miss

It’s up to you.

But it’s definitely going to be about knitting today, so you can take it or leave it.


I recently got around to blocking a piece of knitting that I otherwise finished way back in 2014.

Yes, do not adjust your set. I did actually say 2014.

It was this lacework thing.

Here it is, being blocked.

Possum poo cropped here and there. 

Possum poo not cropped.

Then I looked at the finished article.

Bloody hell, it’s good.

Now, I’ve done a bit of crochet recently, for example this amigurumi duck blanket, made for a little American baby born on Christmas Day.

But I haven’t knitted for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. Seeing how incredibly talented I was all those years ago, however, spurred me to pick up the needles again.

I had to pick a pattern

Now, I am sure it is not just me: isn’t it difficult to choose a pattern?

I had no idea what I was going to make. All I knew was that it was going to be something for me and it wasn’t going to go around my neck - no scarves!

I asked my knitting group for suggestions and they were excellent, suggesting lots of cowls (basically a scarf - thanks, dudes).

I scoffed politely at all their suggestions and kept searching.

And the cowl (ugh) that one of my knitting pals had suggested kept meandering into my periphery. Eventually, I decided I had to make that thing whether I liked it or not (I did quite like it).

I had just the yarn to make it with; Mr Mulberry had surprised me with this:


(By the way, after successfully cropping some possum poo from the first shot, I don't seem to be able to edit anything else, so some of the colours don't look true, pictures are far larger than they need to be/upside down and there's a general air of amateur about the whole thing, but I could hardly have a knitting post without pictures now, could I? It's amateur or nothing here.) 

Anyway, that lovely wool. Mr M helped me to ball it the same evening (Sunday) and I got all excited about my project. Except I then found I needed new needles (short circulars), and a short cable (40cm/16”). First world problems, hey?

But after a wool shop visit on Monday (there’s a special place in hell for those yarn shops who close on Mondays, by the way), by Tuesday I was away, and a few days later I had this to show for it.

**I can't take a decent photo of this cowl round my neck to save my life - you're just going to have to imagine it. For those on Ravelry, it's Bandana Cowl by Purl Soho**

Obviously, it’s amazing. But even as I was working on it I was thinking about what I could make next; I was torn between knitting the cowl and looking for my new project (ended up knitting for as long as I could concentrate, switching to pattern-hunting when I was too groggy to knit. It was a weird few days).

But I did find my new project, and its name is Marled Fade Triangle. That sounds particularly dull. Especially when the designer – Stephen West – has named other patterns “Exploration Station”, “Ziggity Slouch” and “Unicorn Parallelograms”, amongst others.

But it’s far from a dull pattern. It’s a shawl, and apparently shawls are having a moment with the hot young knitters of the universe. It’s also got neon and black in it. How could that ever be dull? (Answer: it couldn’t.)

And the suggested yarn is spectacular. Hedgehog Fibres! I’m new to the Hedgehog party (having been away from the wider party for eons, I’m seemingly new to a lot of things at present), but now I’ll probably be the last person to leave. It’s fun stuff. Speckly, fluory, skeiny, yummy. That is about the size of it.

I went on the pattern designer’s website but they didn’t have all the colourways used in the original pattern. (Shame, as they looked phenomenal, but there you go.) And one of the shades was exclusive to the designer’s store and no longer available, so I decided I’d just have to go my own way with the colours. (This way massive disaster potential lies: I just don’t seem to be able to put colours together). But I’m only getting one chance at living (probably), so I visited a nice little yarn shop called Cherry Hills Yarn to have a go at putting together a colour scheme.

To cut a long story short (because I really should be knitting), I bought five skeins of Hedgehog Fibres Sock and here they are.

L-R: Graphite, Oracle, Pinky Swear, Boombox, Teacup. Sensational.

Out of interest, are any non-knitters reading this? It must sound like nonsense.

So, my Marled Fade Triangle commenced the same night. And it’s so awesome I wondered if I should scrap the blog post and just do some more knitting. But I love writing too, and I have wifi in the house after two months without it, so I thought I’d knock out a quick one for the knitters amongst you.

Really, though, I should be knitting. Bye.